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We are Chuck and Lori, and we've been married 29 years. We're middle-aged empty-nesters. A couple of years ago we decided to pursue a business opportunity that has led us, semi-purposefully, to a location-independent lifestyle. How does that "location independent lifestyle" thing work? Well, start by reading our interview in the New York Post:

Travel Couple Chuck & Lori's Interview in the New York Post

Travel blogs are a dime a dozen, to put it generously, so what made us decide to create yet another? It's an unfortunate combination of our passion for travel, continual learning, an infectious curiosity, and a compelling need to write (regardless of whether anyone actually reads it, LOL). To paraphrase the Irish poet Brendan Behan, we are travelers with a writing problem.

During nearly 30 years together, we've experienced a great deal of life. We finished college, and both (eventually) went on to earn Master's degrees. We've seen our two wonderful children grow into adults, move out, and start building their own lives. We've built houses and we've built companies. Chuck learned to fly. We've been diving and skiing and have seen a lot of Europe. Three of our four parents have passed away. We've developed a passion for wine and learned to make a pretty good English ale. And lately we've been learning something we've put off for too long: ballroom dancing.

You can read our first blog to understand what this blog is about, but what we hope makes our blog unique is that we blog about things of interest to nomadic empty-nesters, just like ourselves. We're not backpackers, but we admire them. Sustainable travel does imply some means of affording continual travel, so we hope to share what we've learned about full-time wanderlust, as well as the destinations we explore and the people we find there. While we've achieved more than many in our lifetimes, we still have lots of things we want to experience and there are lots of people in the world we still haven't met. And though we've been together for so long already, we want to do even more together in the future, which is, we think, the key to having been together for so long to begin with.

Empty Nest Travel Bloggers Chuck & Lori

Empty Nest Travel Bloggers Chuck & Lori