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Why You Should Book All Your Hotels at Hotels.com

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Chuck Sat, 2016-11-05 07:00
This will be one of those blogs that you might read and assume we are getting some sort of commission or spiff or freebie from Hotels.com in exchange for writing it. That is, according to the average dime-a-dozen travel blogger, one of the perks of being a glamorous, jet-setting travel blogger. Well, I guess I’m not one of those travel bloggers because we don’t exactly have big travel corporations knocking on our doors offering to give us free stuff in exchange for writing about their services. But let me make this very clear: if you are a big travel corporation and want to give us free stuff...

Our 4-Point Lodging Strategy

A room at our hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 2016
Chuck Sat, 2016-10-29 08:30
Above: a room at our hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia back in January, 2016 Way back in primary school social sciences, I remember once having to memorize a list of humankind's basic necessities to sustain life. Shelter, food, and water were on the list. I don't remember the rest of this list, but nowadays I imagine it includes good bandwidth and Netflix. The one topic we invested the most research and thought into in regards to this nomadic lifestyle was lodging, a more comfortable euphemism for the first of that list, shelter. After all, we didn't imagine living under a lean-to of palm fronds...

Genealogy Lessons for Travelers

The Ros Family, Early 1900's
Chuck Tue, 2016-09-27 07:00
An Interview With Kerry from ClueWagon.com Our regular readers know that, from time to time, we've taken advantage of our travels to pursue some ancestry research, like the month spent on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 2015. We haven't always had a consistent approach to our genealogy research, but our research discipline and methods have improved in the past few years. We can thank our friend and fellow blogger Kerry Scott over at ClueWagon.com for much of that: we've been trying to keep up with her blog since we discovered her a little over a year ago. Her blog is always informative and...

Our Passports Have Dust On Them

Atlanta in Legos
Chuck Thu, 2016-09-22 07:00
We’re getting restless. Our feet are itchy. Our passports have dust on them. But new plans are being made… We blinked and the last four months are gone. Our travels might not have been overly exciting since our last blog, but we haven’t exactly sat still. It’s been a summer full of new grandbaby, wedding preparation, some local and regional travel (including a couple of stateside house sits), more work than I’ve been used to in a while, dance lessons, and some occasional time for fun with friends, a couple of concerts (Jimmy Buffett, Phillip Phillips with Matt Nathanson), some ancestry...

What's Next?

Chuck and Lori at Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland
Chuck Tue, 2016-05-10 07:00
The problem with travel is that, the more places we've seen, the more places we want to see. Travel is either addicting or the Creator keeps adding to the world. If you're reading this shortly after I've scheduled it to be published, then at this moment we are probably waiting in line to board the Queen Mary 2 for our ride home. This 7 months in Europe has been our longest stint yet, and it might be the last we will enjoy for a little while. Previously when asked how long we plan to do this "nomad thing", we've said at least until the grandchildren start showing up. Well, our first is...